You are invited you to attend “The Stateside Rendezvous” honoring Abe Winters dedication to recreational tree climbing, juvenile rehabilitation and experiential education, and of course climb trees with other Treeples.

Opening at Noon on Thursday, September 27th with departure by noon Sunday September 30th.

Reservations close SEPTEMBER 16th, so click the button below to reserve your spot now!


For full details about the rendezvous and party, click the button below to download the annoucement.


When was the last time you climbed a tree? A few days ago? Months?

Or many years ago?

Can you still hear the sound of your mothers voice telling you to


Can you recall the peaceful escape of your favorite tree...cares of the world drifted away...and time stopped for a little while!

Come with us to revisit that experience...only this time you will be attached to a safety rope...but time still seems to pause in the tree.

Just about everybody has climbed a tree sometime in their life. Now anyone can experience the canopy even without any prior training. It is not only safe and easy but great fun!  We will have all the gear and will tie all the knots. You will learn how to move the knots in a sequence to safely secure you as you climb.

Once you are off the ground and have broken free of the bounds of gravity you can swing around or lounge around on your first branch with very little effort.

We recommend wearing CLOSED TOE AND HEEL SHOES, pants or long shorts(below the knee), t-shirt, gloves that fit, and remove jewelry, watches and cell phones. Hair should be securely tied back! We have found that wearing sandals, skirts and ‘short’ shorts can be embarrassing and painful!

So come hang around in the treetops and be rewarded with an entirely different view of our world!

Tree Climbing Kansas City is dedicated to serving the recreational, adventure, and educational tree climbing communities.

Promote safe and environmentally respectful tree climbing practices

for adventure, education, and fun.

Encourage the joyful experience of tree climbing for people of

all backgrounds and abilities.

Share the insight and unique connection to nature that can be found by exploring trees and the forest canopy.

Promoting safe practices for rope and harness tree climbing

Providing learning opportunities and services for individual climbers of all abilities

Fostering good ethical treatment of our environment

Rules are what people follow when somebody is watching; ethics are what we follow when nobody is watching. At the center of our behavior is one word - Respect!  

All tree climbers, whether instructing students or a solo climber on an overnight trip into the backcountry should constantly practice the principle of Respect. This is done by showing respect to the tree you are climbing, the woods around you, fellow climbers, other visitors to the woods, and the forest ranger or park manager who has the often-difficult task of keeping it safe and clean for everybody.                                                        

Do No Harm, Leave No Trace

Dan House: 913-972-5022


Welcome to

Tree Climbing Kansas City!